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Instructions for Submitting Comments for Second (2nd) Public Review of BSR/IIAR 8-202X

This form must arrive at IIAR headquarters by 5:00 pm EST on August 24th, 2020.

Incomplete forms will be discarded. Please use one form per comment.

A) Identify the specific section(s) that your comments address.

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B) State nature of comment and substantiate: Provide a brief statement that substantiates the rationale for your comment and supporting documentation. Provide an abstract for lengthy substantiations submitted. If supplementary documents are provided, electronic files in MS Word (preferred) or PDF form can be attached below. Please only attach documents if necessary, to substantiate the comment. Otherwise, enter comments in the text box below in strikeout and underline format. If you submit more than one comment, it is helpful to submit them separately indicating the specific section to which the comment is related. After submitting the first comment, you will be asked if you wish to submit additional comments. If yes, your contact information will be retained for succeeding comments.

C) Attach comment, proposed revision and supporting documents (if necessary): Attach up to four files using the browser below. Click the Browser button, locate the Microsoft Word (*.doc and *.docx), Microsoft Excel (*.xls and *.xlsx), or Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) file on your computer hard drive that you wish to submit, and attach it to this form. Be sure the file contains the specific wording changes or action that will resolve your concerns [see instructions #3(e)]. Click here to locate the file on your computer and attach it to this form. Only one comment per form.

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Forms for submitting comments via e-mail, U.S. Mail or Fax Click here to download a pdf file version of the comment form, including instructions for submittal by Fax or U.S. Mail.

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